The story in this link is hilarious, and is surely calling out for the attention of zany steampunk novelists everywhere. I’ve also read that explorers and frontier-dwellers in the US and Canada were advised to look out for surviving giant ground sloths into the 19th Century, but I don’t remember the reference.

On that note, it turns out that the ‘ground’ in ‘ground sloth’ is intended to invoke a contrast not only with tree sloths, but also with (giant!) marine sloths.
Inspired by the brief mention in the last post, I’ll start a category for this sort of thing:

This, Glaucus Atlanticus, is surely the world’s coolest slug. It can swim, it looks like it’s from space, and it eats Portuguese men o’ war (then it stores their venom in its spines, making it even stingier than they are).
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